Preparing for Your New Lawn

Step 1

  • Remove existing weeds by spraying area. After spraying do not disturb for 7 days.
  • Loosen top soil or add new soil to a depth of 50-75 mm.
  • Use a rake or lawn level to level off the soil, remembering the finished job will only be as level as the prepared area.
  • The soil level should be the same as surrounding pathways. The soil will settle about 10mm in the next 3-6 months.
  • This is a good point to add a slow release fertilizer and water crystals such as Sir Launcher.

Step 2

  • Decide on the turf to be used the lawn estimator can help with your selection e.g. shady area, Sir Walter.
  • Measure the area, the lawn estimator is a good tool to assist you.

Step 3

  • Firstly roll out a border, then fill in the area using a brick work type pattern cutting ends to fit. A serrated steak knife works well.
  • You can top-dress the joins and edges to help keep moisture in however this is not essential.
  • At this point you can also roll your new lawn.

Step 4

  • Water, water, water for the first few weeks it is important not to let your new lawn dry out whilst establishing. Keep the top 2cm wet at all times. After about 4 weeks your new lawn should have grown it roots into the soil. At this point you can start to reduce watering and give it its first mow

Step 5

Enjoy your new Turf The Lot Lawn!

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