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Our Grasses

Sir Walter buffalo

Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo has proved itself to be one of Australia’s favourite lawns. It requires low maintenance, thrives in a wide variety of climates and soils, is drought tolerant, and is the most shade tolerant warm-season lawn available. It has a medium sized leaf which is soft to the touch and has great cushioning for kids and games.

Village Green kikuyu

Village Green, a premium kikuyu cultivar, is the result of years of plant breeding and we have found it superior to various other kikuyu cultivars we have grown over the years. It is perhaps our most vigorous turf variety, is well adapted to many soils and climates, is free of flowers unlike common kikuyu, has excellent drought tolerance, is highly competitive against weeds pests & diseases, and yields a high quality lawn provided there is good sun exposure and appropriate maintenance.

Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana Couch is a blue/green fine leafed hybrid couch cultivar that performs well in the central west. It loves full sun, many soil types (though it performs particularly well on free-draining sandy soils), and is a hardy lawn with high drought tolerance, but a little more care will reward you with an even, smooth, high quality lawn. Santa Ana Couch is a turf of choice for sporting surfaces and golf courses around the country, partially due to its tolerance of close mowing. However, it makes for an outstanding, hardy residential lawn also.